Why Set Up a Small Business Blog?


Today it is estimated that there are over 164 million blogs online. Can you fathom that number? That is a lot of words floating around out there, popping up on laptops, desk computers and mobile devices. If you are considering creating a new blog in order to get noticed, it would make complete sense if you were to feel that it may be a bit futile. Logic says that there is simply no way that anyone would stumble across your words and make a connection with you or your business.

BUT here is an important fact about blogging. The blog world is actually many small worlds inside a huge world. Another way to put it would be that blogging is a very real community that encompasses many, many smaller communities. There are categories within categories that grow ever smaller and more precise.

The happy surprise that I have discovered in the blogging culture is that very real and honest connections can be formed between people on opposite coasts of the United States or on the other side of the world. It is one of the glories of technology. We have this ability at our fingertips, literally!

How can this happen when there are well over 164 million people sitting at keyboards sending out their words? Wouldn’t we just continue to bounce around from one site to another and become so lost in the mass that true relationships have little chance? Could your tiny business blog really show up on the computer screen of a real live customer and bring you a sale?

I will answer those questions by saying that the connections from one screen to another happen all the time and yes, your next customer could be out there ready to spend money on your homemade jewelry, custom painted cars or your latest book. People are online 24 hours a day looking for ways to spend money or meet new and interesting people. Your blog will pop up and be noticed by just as many people as any other blog would.

The key is to hold the attention long enough to make that connection and cause them to come back again and again. Bloggers love to refer other blogs to readers. They are a generous kind of people because they understand the small beginnings and the desire to be noticed and read. When a blog reader finds a site they like, they will look at the blog-roll on that site to see who that blogger reads. Or an interested reader will check out the other people who left comments and find new blogs that way. Your readers will get to know the same people that you are reading and cross friendships and customers will begin to happen. If blogging is not your thing or you don’t have enough time to keep your small business blog fresh, then you may consider hiring a blog-writer to do it for you. (Pick me! Pick me!)

If you create a business website and add a tab or page for a blog, this will draw a potential customer to linger a bit longer on your website. They will see the person behind the business and a connection will begin to form. Your site will be bookmarked and mentioned to their friends. A community will emerge as you communicate back and forth, and the smaller world within the expansive world of the World Wide Web has begun to form. Just like that!

Most customers click to find the next purchase, rather than opening the Yellow Pages of our parents time. When they enter a word into their search engine of choice, your website with a blog has every chance of showing up on their screen. The more you talk about your product or service on your blog, they more chances you have of reaching the customer’s eyes.

Do it. Set up that new blog on your site. Blogging is the new version of the neighborhood gossip. The place to go to find out whatever you need to find out and then to pass the news on to the next person.



Writers Are Always Learning


No, I have not enrolled in more college courses. But I am always learning, even at the rip old age of 58. As a freelance writer, I find myself doing research on a large variety of subjects with each new writing assignment that comes my way.

Today my laptop screen is full of sticky notes regarding dairy cow vaccinations and disinfectant udder wipes. I am not a farmer and I do not live in the country, but one of my clients requires topic headings in the category of large and small animal supplies. So I find myself typing “Hoof and foot care” into my search engine box. I am learning so much about cattle, swine and poultry. I feel like I have enrolled myself in farmer school!

Another client of mine sells baby gift baskets. This led to many articles and product descriptions about a season of life that I left over 25 years ago. My kids are grown-ups and I do not have grandchildren yet. But I know about cloth diapers and the way they have made a huge comeback and look totally different from the cloth diapers I refused to use nearly 30 years ago!

Besides doing research on writing subjects that I am assigned, a writer must be continually learning about technology. Online jobs require a constant learning curve as we strive to keep up with the swiftly evolving techno resources and jargon all around us. I have struggled with one level of technology after another and I always feels so proud of myself when I finally “get it” and my brain has gained a new bit of knowledge. I enjoy the task of figuring out how to accomplish a new level of computer abilities. It is like a puzzle and once I grasp the concept, I feel like I can do anything!

Ever increasing knowledge is what keeps us young and sharp. I do know where my strengths and weaknesses are and have accepted the areas that are not going to grow no matter how I wish they would. Math turns my head to mush and brings on panic attacks. Numbers simply refuse to stay in my head and I am OK with that. Calculators have solved that deficiency for me. Another great example of the beauty of technology right? Yay for technology!

Who knows what I will be researching next week or the week after. I am happy to try anything, jewelry, antiques, furniture, marriage, family dynamics or theology. Just point me to the subject you want an article about and I will go for it!

Susie Klein