Writers Are Always Learning


No, I have not enrolled in more college courses. But I am always learning, even at the rip old age of 58. As a freelance writer, I find myself doing research on a large variety of subjects with each new writing assignment that comes my way.

Today my laptop screen is full of sticky notes regarding dairy cow vaccinations and disinfectant udder wipes. I am not a farmer and I do not live in the country, but one of my clients requires topic headings in the category of large and small animal supplies. So I find myself typing “Hoof and foot care” into my search engine box. I am learning so much about cattle, swine and poultry. I feel like I have enrolled myself in farmer school!

Another client of mine sells baby gift baskets. This led to many articles and product descriptions about a season of life that I left over 25 years ago. My kids are grown-ups and I do not have grandchildren yet. But I know about cloth diapers and the way they have made a huge comeback and look totally different from the cloth diapers I refused to use nearly 30 years ago!

Besides doing research on writing subjects that I am assigned, a writer must be continually learning about technology. Online jobs require a constant learning curve as we strive to keep up with the swiftly evolving techno resources and jargon all around us. I have struggled with one level of technology after another and I always feels so proud of myself when I finally “get it” and my brain has gained a new bit of knowledge. I enjoy the task of figuring out how to accomplish a new level of computer abilities. It is like a puzzle and once I grasp the concept, I feel like I can do anything!

Ever increasing knowledge is what keeps us young and sharp. I do know where my strengths and weaknesses are and have accepted the areas that are not going to grow no matter how I wish they would. Math turns my head to mush and brings on panic attacks. Numbers simply refuse to stay in my head and I am OK with that. Calculators have solved that deficiency for me. Another great example of the beauty of technology right? Yay for technology!

Who knows what I will be researching next week or the week after. I am happy to try anything, jewelry, antiques, furniture, marriage, family dynamics or theology. Just point me to the subject you want an article about and I will go for it!

Susie Klein



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