Please Tell Me I’m Not the Only One

Foiled again

Am I the only one who tricks them selves (them self? Does not sound correct.) into working on an important writing project? It is a well-known and abundantly documented fact that writers are great at the fine art of procrastination. We agree on that.  We love to write. We do other work so that we are able to write. But we also find other things to do in order to put off the WIP (work in progress) that we truly care about.

Some of us write stuff we do not want to write so that we can write the stuff we want to write.


But I have this odd technique of tricking myself into working on my WIP. I tell myself that once I complete the getting-paid-for-it assignment, I will just open the file that holds my WIP for a minute. Don’t need to stay there and work…just going to take a quick look.

Insert sneaky laugh right here. Maybe add some ugly hand wringing?

And every. single. time. The WIP grabs me and before I know it my fingers are moving the cursor and deleting a word here, adding a perfect phrase there, and I am deep into writing mode and LOVING it.

Or HATING it. Either way…I am writing. I am working on my WIP. So the “P” in WIP is happening. Progress is being made. Bit by bit. But it IS happening!

Foiled again!