Your Online Business Needs a Blog

I am a professional blogger.  The art of professional blog writing is an interesting tightrope-walking challenge. We want job clients who desire short blog posts on subjects we, the writer, have some expertise. But professional bloggers can also do research and produce very informative and engaging blog posts about almost anything.

Two of my favorite clients right now are both requiring blog posts about dogs and pet care. I love this subject and I am enjoying the process of adding pet research to what I already know about dogs. It is a win-win for all of us.

But I also find myself walking through small stores and boutiques, in person and online, and I imagine how I would write a blog post for their business website.  Almost every product has a built-in subject area that can inspire blog posts that will bring potential customers to the website or online store.

A vintage clothing website would be enhanced by an attached blog about the changes in styles through the ages or the care and maintenance of vintage clothing.  A heating and air conditioning business website could be perked up with a blog about tips for keeping cool in summer or how to lower utility costs. A baby products website could be enriched with a blog about parenting trends.

More and more of us are shopping online rather than walking through one store after another hunting for our prize .  It is a fact that the longer a person stays on a certain website, the higher the chances of them deciding to buy your product.  Trust is gained and sales are made.

The bottom line is this: If you have an online business website, you need to add a blog.




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