Learning As I Go – Aren’t We All?

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So I’m going to throw a question out to you all, okay? Do you think it’s a good idea to combine your Author Website with your Freelance Writer Website? I am curious about your thoughts on this, but I am also (as I hit PUBLISH on this post) doing it anyway.

This site has been my Freelance Writer business website. I provide blogs for businesses. It has been very helpful to refer potential clients to when I apply for writer job ads. It has been great not to re-write a bio and find writing samples every time I answer a job ad.

But the other side of my writing life is as a book author. I am working on my first book. I could create a new website based on the title of my new book, but I have recently learned that it is better to base it on yourself as a writer, not on a single book. In this way you are building a stronger platform that can reach farther and into more varied areas.

I think I will simply add another page to this site that is dedicated to my book and then figure it out from there. See, you’ve helped already…just thinking out loud here.

What kind of book am I writing, you ask? It is a short nonfiction inspirational and I feel like it will make a huge difference in the lives of those who read it. (See, right there? Saying stuff like that is so so very hard for me! I really want to delete that line…but will step away and leave it alone.)

I will save the book description for another day. I get excited when I talk about it because the subject has become my life message and I want to explain it clearly and with a fresh mind.

For this post I will say that my word count on my book is only 33,000 so far and most nonfictions need at least 50,000. That is a very small little book at that count. So I am on a journey to see if I can do this and I invite you along. I hope you will join me if you think it will be informative and interesting. I am also completely open to advice and ideas along the way!

Thanks for reading,


I Am A Writer – A Juggler of Words

word lover

I am a writer. There are no books lined up in bookstores with my name on them. But my words are floating all over cyber-space in various articles covering everything from how to have a creative baby shower to where to buy the best ear tags for cattle ranchers. I write for online businesses, and my clients have included baby products, pet supplies, a children’s book about dogs, and a closet organizing company.

But my favorite collections of words are found on faith websites and faith blogs. All writers have a love affair with words. I used to get distracted while looking up a word in a dictionary, because I was so curious about all the other words on the page. Now that I use an online dictionary I am able to just stay focused on the one word that I looked up. I love the way a writer can arrange and rearrange words to evoke a mood or introduce a brand new idea of thought to the reader.

My personal blog is a faith blog. My faith is a big part of who I am, even though I am not sure that it makes me any different from the person next door who does not realize that God loves them. We walk through our days in extremely similar ways. The main message of my blog is to assist believers who find themselves working really hard to gain God’s approval and acceptance. If they persist in this way of living, it will lead to bitterness and a harsh judgmental attitude. Picture SNL’s character of the church lady.

I am currently working on a short non-fiction book that addresses this tendency. If I ever complete my book, it may end up filling shelves at a bookstore. I don’t know. My book begins each chapter with a true story of my personal encounters with God over the years. My hope and desire is that the words that God used to convince me of His unconditional love, will also convince the readers of His shocking and ridiculous love for them.

The idea that my new arrangement of words on a page could change a life is astounding to me. But I know that is possible because I have been deeply affected and changed by words that I have read. Mere collections of letters set up in a certain order and spaced out to make a sentence, a paragraph and a book…what an extraordinary thing!

I am a writer. I am choosing to spend my days with words. Today my words will be about how to keep your closet clean and orderly. Tomorrow my words may be about how much God loves you. I will even be using some of the exact same words to say these two very different things! I love that! Susie Klein, Writer