I Self-Published My Book!

On February 3 2016 my first book, WALKING BUTTERFLY, was released on Amazon and I could not be more pleased and thrilled with this crazy journey. I self-published my nonfiction Christian book through Create Space, a branch of Amazon. I chose paperback for now, may release in digital form in the future but still learning the process.

I had a great deal of help from friends who know what they are doing and I clung to savvy advice from new friends found on a Facebook Group designed for Indie Writers. When I got stuck I could post a question or study the archive files and learn all I needed to know to make my dream come true! Yay for the generosity of the writing community!

With such up-to-the-minute assistance I was able to navigate this quickly changing world of publishing. My sales are not huge, mostly family and friends right now. But I am hoping that once they read the books that have arrived in their mail boxes this last week, they will tell others about it and the next layer of sales will begin to grow.

I was home alone the day my first paperback  copy arrived in my mail box and it had me literally hyper-ventilating as I danced around the house in excitement! This was also the first time I understood why people in movies often will refuse to open and important letter because it is just TOO important. It was the weirdest thing!

I brought the package in and set it on my kitchen counter and then instead of ripping it open, I danced and walked around my whole house at least 4 times. My poor dog Layla, was so confused! Then I opened the packaged and took another couple of laps before opening the book itself!

But when I did, I was IN LOVE! My cover and interior designer did an amazing job. It is a beautiful book inside and out. She added a faded background of a butterfly behind the title page of each chapter that I am crazy about.

February is the perfect month for my book to go out into the world because it is about the biggest love story in the world. The love story between God and me and you. Each chapter in this book begins with a true encounter between God and me. Some are serious, some are funny and some are just plain odd, but they all were intentional tactics of God to convince me that He loves me. It took A LOT of convincing.

But I believe Him now and my hope is that this little beautiful book will convince you of His big gorgeous love for you too.  Go find it on amazon, WALKING BUTTERFLY by Susie Klein.




3 thoughts on “I Self-Published My Book!

  1. Congratulations on this new venture. I love the idea of the butterfly on each chapter front page. This sounds like a classy book. I love the concept. Did you know I reviewed books for authors?

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