I Broke 100!

IMG_20160504_113046234My book, WALKING BUTTERFLY has been out since February 2016 and today I finally moved beyond the 100 mark in sales. Nope, not exactly a mega bestseller to say the least…and that’s okay. I have a million reason or excuses for the low sales. But the message is still a good one and this very first book of mine is one that I am proud to have published!

I am pleased that my paperback is in homes and purses and being carried around in tote bags. I hope the pages are being bent over and that sections are being highlighted. I pray that there are scribbles in the margins with the date to remind the reader of a brand new insight. At the end of each chapter I asked God to give me words to speak directly to each reader and help them apply what they are reading. The sections are titled “Your Turn” and I am hoping beyond hope that my new and old friends feel like we are sitting face to face talking about how to believe we are loved by God.

If this little orange book is tucked away on a bookshelf in a bedroom or home library, that is awesome. What I love about paper and ink books is that they will endure. Walking Butterfly is a timeless true story that will be a blessing even if it is ignored for a few years. Someone somewhere is meant to stumble across its message and sense a huge life-change. Maybe you will find it in a used bookstore someday. I just hope it looks well used and well loved. Coffee cup stains on the cover? Love it!

I am proud that my book about God’s ridiculous love is out of my journal and laptop and that it has moved beyond my blog (Recovering Church Lady.) I am thrilled that this scattered collection of stories and God-conversations found some order and is now gathered together in a beautifully designed book that I never get tired of seeing on my book shelf.

Today there are exactly one hundred and one copies out there making lives sweeter and truer and deeper. Each reader will walk with me on my slow journey from a strict and nervous duty-driven Christian to a free flying and happy believer who has finally accepted that her God is crazy about her…me. He adores me…and YOU!

I am convinced that every single reader will close the last page MORE loved than when they opened the first page.

WALKING BUTTERFLY is only available at amazon.com.





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