A Summer Read — Walking Butterfly…the Book!

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Happy Blogiversary!  It’s been four years since I started journaling my metamorphosis. Due to the hurts of life, I had walled myself off in a cocoon of self-protection.  I can now, delightfully pro…

Source: A Summer Read — Walking Butterfly…the Book!


I Broke 100!

IMG_20160504_113046234My book, WALKING BUTTERFLY has been out since February 2016 and today I finally moved beyond the 100 mark in sales. Nope, not exactly a mega bestseller to say the least…and that’s okay. I have a million reason or excuses for the low sales. But the message is still a good one and this very first book of mine is one that I am proud to have published!

I am pleased that my paperback is in homes and purses and being carried around in tote bags. I hope the pages are being bent over and that sections are being highlighted. I pray that there are scribbles in the margins with the date to remind the reader of a brand new insight. At the end of each chapter I asked God to give me words to speak directly to each reader and help them apply what they are reading. The sections are titled “Your Turn” and I am hoping beyond hope that my new and old friends feel like we are sitting face to face talking about how to believe we are loved by God.

If this little orange book is tucked away on a bookshelf in a bedroom or home library, that is awesome. What I love about paper and ink books is that they will endure. Walking Butterfly is a timeless true story that will be a blessing even if it is ignored for a few years. Someone somewhere is meant to stumble across its message and sense a huge life-change. Maybe you will find it in a used bookstore someday. I just hope it looks well used and well loved. Coffee cup stains on the cover? Love it!

I am proud that my book about God’s ridiculous love is out of my journal and laptop and that it has moved beyond my blog (Recovering Church Lady.) I am thrilled that this scattered collection of stories and God-conversations found some order and is now gathered together in a beautifully designed book that I never get tired of seeing on my book shelf.

Today there are exactly one hundred and one copies out there making lives sweeter and truer and deeper. Each reader will walk with me on my slow journey from a strict and nervous duty-driven Christian to a free flying and happy believer who has finally accepted that her God is crazy about her…me. He adores me…and YOU!

I am convinced that every single reader will close the last page MORE loved than when they opened the first page.

WALKING BUTTERFLY is only available at amazon.com.




I Self-Published My Book!

On February 3 2016 my first book, WALKING BUTTERFLY, was released on Amazon and I could not be more pleased and thrilled with this crazy journey. I self-published my nonfiction Christian book through Create Space, a branch of Amazon. I chose paperback for now, may release in digital form in the future but still learning the process.

I had a great deal of help from friends who know what they are doing and I clung to savvy advice from new friends found on a Facebook Group designed for Indie Writers. When I got stuck I could post a question or study the archive files and learn all I needed to know to make my dream come true! Yay for the generosity of the writing community!

With such up-to-the-minute assistance I was able to navigate this quickly changing world of publishing. My sales are not huge, mostly family and friends right now. But I am hoping that once they read the books that have arrived in their mail boxes this last week, they will tell others about it and the next layer of sales will begin to grow.

I was home alone the day my first paperback  copy arrived in my mail box and it had me literally hyper-ventilating as I danced around the house in excitement! This was also the first time I understood why people in movies often will refuse to open and important letter because it is just TOO important. It was the weirdest thing!

I brought the package in and set it on my kitchen counter and then instead of ripping it open, I danced and walked around my whole house at least 4 times. My poor dog Layla, was so confused! Then I opened the packaged and took another couple of laps before opening the book itself!

But when I did, I was IN LOVE! My cover and interior designer did an amazing job. It is a beautiful book inside and out. She added a faded background of a butterfly behind the title page of each chapter that I am crazy about.

February is the perfect month for my book to go out into the world because it is about the biggest love story in the world. The love story between God and me and you. Each chapter in this book begins with a true encounter between God and me. Some are serious, some are funny and some are just plain odd, but they all were intentional tactics of God to convince me that He loves me. It took A LOT of convincing.

But I believe Him now and my hope is that this little beautiful book will convince you of His big gorgeous love for you too.  Go find it on amazon, WALKING BUTTERFLY by Susie Klein.



My Book Journey

I am a writer who never wanted to write a book. Yes, I swooned as I watched Jo March run her hand gently over her name on the cover of her first book, and I filled pages and pages of my journal, but for the first 58 years of my life I had no desire to see a book with my name on it.

When I was much younger I spent the night at the home of a friend. On the night stand next to the bed in the guest room was a book written by a member of that family. As I picked it up, dust floated into the air. The book had never been opened and there were more copies on a high shelf. I knew that I did not want my hard won words to end up like this. My desire for my writing was something more alive and fresh. Here today and gone tomorrow, like my hero Erma Bombeck, the newspaper columnist. I loved the idea of getting to know my readers and they getting to know me.

As the pastor’s wife of a small church in a small town I found an equally small way to fill this desire of my heart. I wrote a weekly unpaid newspaper column for the Religion Page of the local paper. I loved it and found time for several years to fit it in, between school car pools and church committee meetings. I wrote about my life with God and family. My little column was upbeat and always encouraging and sometimes a little bit funny. When I began to hear that others enjoyed it and that some even cut it out and posted it on their refrigerators, I was in Heaven! (Our refrigerators were the original FaceBook walls.)

Then along came the wonderful world of blogging! This was the perfect venue for my style of writing. The updated version of an interactive newspaper column at its best. Recovering Church Lady is my second blog. I created my first one in 2008 and it was called Walking Butterfly. I told no one in my real life about it and loved making new friends online that were in totally different walks of life and from all over the world. Many of them followed me over to Recovering Church Lady when I started  in 2010. I have written for devotional magazines, ministry newsletters, several online magazines and businesses. My rambling words are scattered all over the place.

And now I come back to a desire that hit me between the eyes in 2011…to write a book. At the time I thought that I was going to write a book for pastor’s wives who were struggling. The outline came to me smoothly and easily one day in my journal and I believed that God had given me an assignment. I excitedly told everyone! That shocked me and made me even more convinced that I was on a mission from God. 🙂

It took many months and tons of research to get myself so confused and overwhelmed with the writing and publishing process that I found myself frozen and the project stopped for months at a time. I lost the message and purpose for such a book. I felt embarrassed for my bold declarations to my friends and family and feared that I had become that old cliche` of the wannabe writer who is enamored with the writing life more than the actual work of creating a book. (I still worry about that today.)

The first book idea was set aside as I discovered that the main message it carried was really for a much broader audience than just ministry wives. When I tore it apart and brought it back to the core, I found my life message about the love of God. The huge, simple and complicated love of God. So this year I have been working on book idea number two. Each chapter begins with a true and intimate experience between God and me. Then I do my best to expand on it and help the reader apply it to their own life. I believe that this is the book God meant for me to write and I am so excited to see it take shape beneath my fingers. Recently Hubs asked to read it for the first time and his response made it suddenly feel very real. He is a bit of a sarcastic and cynical soul and his words after reading it are the best thing a faith writer would ever want to hear about her book. I am keeping them to myself…too precious to me.

Ack, cannot believe I am spilling all of this to you! But writing a book involves a good amount of sticking one’s neck out, doesn’t it? Mine feels kind of chilly right now. An editor friend took a quick look at what I have written and gave me the encouragement to go for it and so I am. I plan to self-publish because my research has shown that it is a smart way to go in recent years. The deadline may change but I am hoping to have my book of love release in time for Valentines Day 2016, in just a little over 2 months! I would love your good thoughts and prayers for me as I figure out how to navigate this new world of publishing. I cannot afford an editor or cover designer etc, so I am working hard to get it in the best shape possible on my own….. ( UPDATE: One day after posting, God provided me with a fantastic COVER DESIGNER free of charge! I honestly did not expect this, but a sweet reward from my community after being vulnerable. Thanks LB!)…. It is a daunting task, but I am loving the process because I love helping people see God in a whole new way. So many of you have encouraged me through your comments on my blog posts over the years. Thank you for reading me! It means everything to me. Susie – See more at: http://www.recoveringchurchlady.com/p/the-book.html#sthash.V6KhAxFV.dpuf