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You have worked hard to create a pleasing and inviting business website to showcase your product. Now you just need customers to find your carefully crafted display. Studies confirm that the longer a visitor stays on your website, the higher the chance they will become an actual buying customer. To that end, many businesses now employ writers  to provide appropriate and engaging short articles that will keep browsers from clicking away to another business site. These articles also use popular search engine key words to draw customers to your site.

For example: a Mattress and Bed Store website would include short informational articles with these titles:

  • 5 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster
  • The Deep Value of Rest
  • Helping Your Child Move from Crib to Bed
  • TV In the Bedroom – Pros and Cons
  • Signs You May Need a New Mattress
  • Rotating Your Mattress
  • Research on Insomnia
  • Bed Time Rituals for Families

An Antique Shop Website would be enhanced by articles about certain intriguing items in the store. The history and background of the beautiful linen clutch used by ladies a century ago would keep an antique- lover on your site longer than usual.

I have written over 300 articles for two Baby Gift Baskets websites and two Pet Business websites. I am currently writing the BLOG for Premium Cabinet Design. The subjects on various business websites have ranged from fascinating family traditions to ideas for organizing a child’s bedroom to choosing the right pet for your family. The business owners confirm that sales are up.


Click on ”Places to Read Me“ for writing samples.

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