5 thoughts on “FREELANCE WRITER – 3 STYLES

  1. Oh…I think I saw the part about you writing blogs for companies and somehow read into that statement that you did publicity for individuals, too. Sorry about that! I will still greatly enjoy following your blog. Hope you’ve checked out my blog, and please follow me, too!

  2. Myra, Ha! I was not sure what you were interested in. I write blogs for business websites and devotionals for faith websites. You may need to define what you mean by “promotional help.” Susie

  3. Hi, Susie…I’m also a writer…have one book published and working on another. I am making homemade cards right now and interested in trying to start selling some. Maybe we can work something out, but I don’t know when I can start…might be next fall before I have enough time to make enough to sell.

    Please check out my blog: writermyra.wordpress.com

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